What a month it has been! And such an interesting time to watch online behaviour.

The response from my clients and search changes was pretty much overnight. I had clients calling to ‘Switch off Everything’ the first day of social distancing restrictions and others taking very different approaches ‘what can we push so we stay ahead of the game when other people start to try selling online’, and then the ‘it’s business as usual’ clients.

I am lucky to be heavily involved in some butt kicking e-commerce accounts right now. The time I invested in learning how to really do Google Shopping campaigns well is paying off for many of my clients, many have had their biggest days ever since this situation began.

But then there have been the travel clients and that is not a pretty story. I see alot of hope that this will be short term, and it would be nice if that is true. I see some potential for domestic traffic to start improving, but not international. I guess only time will tell.

I think alot of local businesses overreacted initially and most of these have gone from switched off to back on because the world didn’t stop as much as they anticipated, or they managed to pivot.

I do see the ecommerce peak starting to level out. Perhaps people needed their shopping fix online. The volumes are still higher than ever, and there was not the dip over Easter that we usually see, but the super high days are less frequent. Perhaps shopping is something people turned to in stress as restrictions were announced, but now that we are coming to terms with this it’s not the same urge.

I see the online world changing forever with this, and I think that is exciting. I like trying to see some good come from this, and that is something I can see. We are taking some leaps that could have taken a decade and I hope it leads to a nicer and easier and more connected way of life.

Let’s see what happens next.

Stay safe x

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