Google Ads Account Audits

If your Google Ads account isn’t performing we can fix it

  • Have your Google Ads account reviewed by experts
  • We’ll suggest changes that work in your favour, not Google’s
  • We’ll make changes that make sense to your business to help you reduce wasted spend and target your customers at the right place and time
  • And most of all we’ll ensure you stop wasting money!


Why Byron Search Marketing?

Kim has been working in Google Ads since 2004 and can quickly see where your account is having issues and can improve results quickly.

  • Over 15 years Google Ads experience
  • Leading roles at top online advertising agencies
  • Experience working on large complicated accounts (Toyota, Seek, Real Estate, ANZ)
  • Have worked with hundreds of accounts, from big to tiny.
  • Know what works, and what doesn’t
  • No outsourcing of work

Don’t get trapped into spending more and more money with Google. You may be wasting lots of money on clicks from people who are not your target audience. We can fix it!

Google Ads Enquiry

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