I’m constantly having to explain my logic to Google account managers when I tell them that I don’t want to use responsive text ads in my client’s accounts.

If you don’t know what these are they are a new format of ad where you can add up to 5 headlines, and a bunch of descriptions and Google will automatically rotate and show different combinations to try and improve your click through rate… Great, more clicks, more money for Google.

Google are happy to create these for you with their in house team. Only once have I had my arm twisted into actually letting them do this, and with the caveat that they weren’t to launch the ads, but were to send them to me to review (do you think that happened? Nope). And the quality? Oh my goodness. There were hundreds of possible combinations of ads that would have completely misrepresented what my client was trying to sell.

From the hundreds of options they sent (obviously no thought put into them) I whittled down to 3 I was happy with. What a WOFT!

So now my response is: “no, I won’t use this feature for my clients because I put alot of time and thought into the ads I create and how they display in the search results for a specific query and alongside the extensions that I have also put alot of thought into. Sure there are combinations of headlines and descriptions in my account that together may generate a higher click-through rate, but it would be a misrepresentation of what my client wants to say to their potential customers. My clients have clear goals that we are working towards, and clicks from people who think they are going to find something different to what is on offer is not an effective use of their budget. Good day sir ? 

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