I don’t have many apps on my phone. I spend enough time in front of a screen so I don’t need more temptation, but there is one silly game I’ve been playing for years, every now and then I delete it, forget about it, then in a moment of boredom decide to add it again.

Why am I telling you this? Well in this game occasionally videos play with ads. This is probably the only time I see video ads on mobile outside of Facebook since I have paid Youtube, so it’s interesting to see how things have evolved.

Lately I’ve noticed a huge variation in the quality of ads, and one thing that jumps out is the poor use of space. These days phones are so big and the screen area is massive, but some advertisers show tiny little ads. When you see these vidoes ads done well they feel far more authentic and I actually sometimes even pay attention. We’ve seen from Facebook what a massive opportunity exists with video ads. I think it’s time Google Ads advertisers start lifting their game.

It’s also worth considering how our audience engages with video in comparison to Facebook and Instagram. Our users aren’t always scroll crazy and can sometimes consume longer content. Always test, test, test!!!!

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