This time of year is rampant with reasons to run a promotion (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day) and Google seems to be making more and more promotion occasions available in the promotion extension list all the time.

These are an excellent opportunity for many businesses to add additional information to their ads and encourage more clicks. 

If you’re running a promotion, no matter whether the occasion is in the list Google provides then you should be taking advantage of this feature.

I’ve managed to find a way to use this feature for most of my clients in the lead up to Christmas. The one issue I have run into is when a business is running a promotion that has varying % discounts on each product and that is changing frequently. 

Since the discount must fall into one of the 4 available categories in terms of monetary or percentage discount it can be difficult or not possible in some cases.

But single discounts or site wide promotions work a treat. There is the option to add start and end dates to the ads, as well as promotion codes. In my testing these have both worked fabulously. 

Promotion extensions can be found under ‘Ads & Extensions’ > ‘Extensions’ > ‘Promotion Extentions’

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