Let’s talk about Google Ad suggestions. ?‍?

If you don’t pay close attention to your ads, and your account alerts this one could have easily slipped by you.

For a while now Google has taken the liberty of creating auto-generated ad suggestions. These show up in an alert and if you wish to accept their new variations you can and they will be added to your account.

What you may not have noticed is that if you don’t take any action to discard or accept the ad suggestions they will be added to your account in 14 days whether you like it or not.

These suggestions will keep popping up, so at some point or other you could easily miss some and they will start serving to your audiences.

Remember Google wants to get you clicks, because they want to make money from you. The conversion or relevance of the ad is not important to them. You can end up with a strange combination of headlines and text if you aren’t careful.

But if you are time-poor these can help get some extra variations rotating. It’s up to you, but personally I like to put thought into each ad that appears to my potential customers.

It isn’t easy to find, but you can turn off auto ad suggestions! ?

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