SEO for Small Businesses

The SEO Fundamentals package is designed to help small businesses who want to get the SEO basics right on a small website. You don’t need a big expensive audit of your website that gives you complicated recommendations that you just don’t need, and probably can’t afford to implement. What you need right now is to get the important SEO elements correct on the main pages of your website so you can compete in Google.

These are recommendations that will make a difference to your rankings! This is the first step I take with most businesses when starting an SEO project because they are the most important changes you can make.

They are completely tailor-made to your business goals and incorporate my 15 years of experience working in SEO.

My video guides show you why I make these recommendations, and how they will help. It’s not voodoo, it’s practical and logical and I love sharing this to those who are interested.

I provide step by step (and for most platforms video) instructions on how to implement the changes.

But if you are unsure about implementing the changes yourself I can make them for you. (I will need access to your website and there is an additional $300 fee for this service).

This service is not suitable for all businesses. If your business has lots of services, lots of products, lots of locations you may be too big and my SEO consulting services may be more suitable.

If you think this may be just what your business needs please fill in the application below

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