How to turn off automated ad extensions

It’s sneakily hidden away, but you can find and turn off automated ad extensions. Here’s how: Start by ensuring you’re at the account level rather than within a single campaign Head down to ‘Ads & Extensions’ Click on ‘Automated Extensions’ Now hidden away on the...

Google Excluded Location Update

Google has recently updated the default setting for new campaigns so that excluded locations are automatically set to “People in your excluded locations”. This is something that seems minor and could easily be dismissed, but I urge you to pay some attention....

Close Variant Keyword Matchtype Changes

Back in the good old days exact match meant exact match, phrase was phrase and broad was broad! Slowly Google have been changing the meaning and allowing ads to show when a keyword isn’t exactly specified in your account. Why? Well they’ll say that it helps capture...

Google Ad Suggestions – Watch Out!

Let’s talk about Google Ad suggestions.  If you don’t pay close attention to your ads, and your account alerts this one could have easily slipped by you. For a while now Google has taken the liberty of creating auto-generated ad suggestions. These show up in an alert...

Farewell average position data

We’ve known for a while that this was coming, but the time has now arrived. Average position has been a part of Google Ads since the beginning and for many has been one of the more important metrics to look at when optimising.

Are you taking advantage of Google Ads promotion extensions?

This time of year is rampant with reasons to run a promotion (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day) and Google seems to be making more and more promotion occasions available in the promotion extension list all the time. These are an excellent opportunity...

Kim Dawson

Kim Dawson

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Kim has been doing Google Ads and SEO since 2004.

Based in beautiful Byron Bay and working with businesses all over the world, Kim’s experience is broad, from some of the largest accounts in Australia, to small local businesses and startups. Kim has a passion for helping businesses grow and getting results that are meaningful and impactful.

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