Google Ads Account Audit

If your Adwords account isn’t performing I can fix it

  • Have your Google Ads account reviewed and improved by an expert with 15 years experience
  • I’ll suggest changes that work in your favour, not Google’s
  • I’ll make changes that make sense to your business to help you reduce wasted spend and target your customers at the right place and time
  • I’ll ensure you stop wasting money!


Why Me?

I’m Kim and I’ve been working with Google Ads since 2004. I can quickly see where your account is having issues and can improve results quickly.

  • I’ve been doing Google Ads for 15 years
  • I’ve worked for some of the best online advertising agencies in Australia
  • I’ve worked some of the biggest and most complicated accounts in Australia (Toyota, Seek, Real Estate, ANZ)
  • I’ve built hundreds of accounts, from big to tiny.
  • I know what works, and what doesn’t
  • I will do what works
  • I don’t outsource my work. You get 100% of my dedication to fix your account

Don’t get trapped into spending more and more money with Google. Remember they are a business trying to make money from you. You may be wasting lots of money on clicks from people who are not your target audience. I can fix it!

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